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Current Periodic Plan | 15th Five Year Plan of Nepal

In Nepal, serious effort to planned development was started after first five year plan (1956-1961).  The national planning commission is a specialized & apex body of the Government of Nepal for formulation of national vision, development policy, periodic plans & sectoral policies for  overall development of Nepal. Currently, the 15th plan is in action for fiscal year 2076/77-2080/81. The approach paper of  15th plan has been approved by the meeting of national planning commission chaired by Prime Minister Khadga Prasad Oli in 2076/11/19. The 15th plan has following key objectives:

Monthly Flow Estimation | Regional & Empirical Methods in Nepal

Monthly flow estimation of a catchment is a major task for the design of irrigation system in a required commanded area. We generally estimate runoff as annual or monthly flow, extreme low flow & flood flow. Annual or monthly flow are required for the design of irrigation water requirement where as extreme low flow & flood flow are determined for the design of hydraulic structures & river training works. Here, in this article we are mainly concerned to the estimation of monthly flow in catchment area of study. When long term flow data of study are available, we use frequency analysis method. In absence of such records, we can apply regional & empirical method to calculate monthly flows.

Design Flood Estimation | Regional & Empirical Methods in Nepal

Design flood estimation is a major task for the design of hydraulic structures & river training works. The estimation of runoff from a catchment is a very complex problem. We generally estimate runoff in following different forms:

Human Lifecycle

Since the ancient times, mankind has philosophized about life. And I’m doing the same kind of shit here. But don’t worry. I’ve presented some pieces of information too. Life itself is a bitch. It is a complex continuous progress that cannot be formulated in single mathematical equation & is also hard to generalize through single statement. Thus, It’s obvious that it is hard to live. And it is even harder to be alive. We all grow, develop & mature. The development may be of physical and mental nature. As we all can see our physical development of body parts, we all are aware of it. We spend our time & energy for our physical fitness. Yes, most of us buy facewash & some expensive hair creams just to glow our skull. But have you ever spent a penny for what exists inside the skull? Yes, I agree, your crush is not going to see that shit but, of course, it requires some time & energy for its development. Yup, I mean the mental health. Our social & cognitive behaviou

Holi Festival | Festival of Colours

Holi Festival - Festival of Colours Holi is famous festival of Hindus. It is also called festival of colours or Faagu Poornima. It falls in the month of Falgun according to Nepali calender.

Visit Nepal 2020 | Everything You Need To Know

Visit Nepal 2020 There are many places to visit in Nepal. Trekking in Nepal, mountain climbing, historical & religious places, natural resources etc are the major reasons for tourists to visit Nepal. Nepal has observed very first Visit Nepal Year 1998. Then, Nepal Tourism Year 2011 was celebrated. Now, we are going to celebrate Visit Nepal Year 2020. The campaign was first reported to be held in 2018 but later put off to 2020 due the delay in airport & road maintenance & delay in other reconstruction works caused by disastrous Gorkha earthquake 2015 ( magnitude 7.8 ).