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Visit Nepal 2020 | Everything You Need To Know

Visit Nepal 2020 There are many places to visit in Nepal. Trekking in Nepal, mountain climbing, historical & religious places, natural resources etc are the major reasons for tourists to visit Nepal. Nepal has observed very first Visit Nepal Year 1998. Then, Nepal Tourism Year 2011 was celebrated. Now, we are going to celebrate Visit Nepal Year 2020. The campaign was first reported to be held in 2018 but later put off to 2020 due the delay in airport & road maintenance & delay in other reconstruction works caused by disastrous Gorkha earthquake 2015 ( magnitude 7.8 ). 

National Pride Projects of Nepal

National Pride Projects of Nepal The projects that can enhance the common identity of people along with  their quality of life in terms of social, economical, cultural & environmental aspects & are completed within a particular interval of time in particular places can be referred as national pride projects. Such projects are selected on the basis of development strategies, economy of the country, technology & its availability etc. Government of Nepal has declared a total of 21 projects as national pride projects whose objective is mentioned below:

Tihar | Festival of Lights

Tihar - Festival of Lights Tihar is second greatest festival of hindus after Dashain . It is also called Yamapanchak since it is celebrated for five days. It is  Festival of lights  since lights are the prominent features of this festival & also called Dipawali which means row of lights placed together. Tihar generally falls after 22 days from the day of Dashain & is normally observed in the month of Kartik.  Why is Tihar  celebrated ? Hindu mythology tells an interesting story of Yamuna & Yamraj, the God of death. Once, Yamuna wanted to meet her brother Yamraj. On the very first day of Tihar, crow is worshiped as a messenger of Yamraj & the day is known as Kaag Tihar. The second day of Tihar is Kukur Tihar & dog is worshiped as the representative of Yamraj. The third day of Tihar is Gai Tihar / Laxmi Puja. There is a religious belief that Goddess Laxmi will roam the earth on that day & give blessings to the beautiful & well-lighted houses. L

Dashain Festival | The Durga Puja

Dashain Festival - The Durga Puja Dashain is the greatest festival of Hindus. It is also called Bijaya- Dashami or The Durga Puja .  It falls in the month of Aswin or Kartik & is celebrated for 15 days as a victory of goodness over evils. Dashain starts from bright lunar fortnight ( Shukla Pasksha ) and ends on the day of full moon ( Poornima).

Science Behind the Cause of Earthquake in Nepal

Before knowing the Causes of Earthquake in Nepal , we need to know about the geological formation of Nepal. Nepal is a country which does not sit on single tectonic plate. It sits on the boundaries of two tectonic plates i.e. Indian plate and Eurasian plate ( also called Tibetan plate ). The Indian plate in south and the Eurasian plate in north started to collide millions of years ago after vanishing of Tethys sea in between them. The collision process is still active and this collision gave birth to Himalayas of which Nepal is the most important part. The collision process continued over years and some major and minor faults were developed within the area of our country. The study has shown the major three faults which are as below: