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Tourism in Nepal | Tourist Destinations in Nepal

Tourism in Nepal | Tourist Destinations in Nepal Relatively stronger economy, new business propaganda, advancement in technologies and infrastructures, increased number of social media platforms have abridged down this huge globe into a small locus. It has been relatively easier to reach every nook and corner around the world in recent times. As a result, the tourism industry has fostered to today's extent. Tourism industry is one of the major sectors in which the economy of Nepal relies upon. From the plain lands in Terai to the highest peak in the world, Mount Everest, variation in land topography, climate, culture and traditions exist that make Nepal a perfect spot to be visited at least once in a lifetime. Due to the prolific presence of various attractions for tourists in Nepal, the tourism industry has been a helping hand in the country's economic growth.

Public Private Partnership | PPP in Nepal

Public Private Partnership (PPP, 3P or P3) is a frequently pronounced term in the field of infrastructure development & contract management. It is widely adopted model mainly for public service delivery. So, before diving into the concept of public private partnership, it is good to know about public service delivery & the various options available for it.

Development Issues | Challenges of Economic Development in Nepal

Nepal is a beautiful South Asian landlocked country lying on the laps of Himalayas, covering an area of 1,47,516 square km. It is surrounded by two giant nations; China in the north & India in rest of the sides. From huge Himalayas to hills and then Terai, more than 3 crore people have made Nepal their habitat and earn their livelihood.