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Human Lifecycle

Since the ancient times, mankind has philosophized about life. And I’m doing the same kind of shit here. But don’t worry. I’ve presented some pieces of information too. Life itself is a bitch. It is a complex continuous progress that cannot be formulated in single mathematical equation & is also hard to generalize through single statement. Thus, It’s obvious that it is hard to live. And it is even harder to be alive. We all grow, develop & mature. The development may be of physical and mental nature. As we all can see our physical development of body parts, we all are aware of it. We spend our time & energy for our physical fitness. Yes, most of us buy facewash & some expensive hair creams just to glow our skull. But have you ever spent a penny for what exists inside the skull? Yes, I agree, your crush is not going to see that shit but, of course, it requires some time & energy for its development. Yup, I mean the mental health. Our social & cognitive behaviou