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Parts of Research Paper | How to write a Research Paper ?

Parts of Research Paper | How to write a Research Paper? Research paper is a scientific writing that shapes up an idea into words with solid and verifiable evidence. The main goal of a research paper is to assemble different opinions, perspectives, corroborations and facts on a subject matter from various resources like articles, books, other research papers, interviews and elucidate the details and findings in one's own words. The most popular types of research papers are argumentative papers, analytical papers, definition papers, compare and contrast papers, cause and effect papers, reports and interpretive papers.

What is Clean Feed Rule in Nepal ? Importance of Clean Feed

 The Government of Nepal has made clean feed policy mandatory since Kartik 7, 2077. Government of Nepal had actually tried to implement this policy a year before but Cable TV operators were not well prepared at that time & urged some time to the government. Then, the Government of Nepal provided a period of one year for them to be fully prepared with clean feed channels & has been mandatorily implemented from the date.  What is the Clean Feed Rule in Nepal ? Clean feed is a provision of foreign advertisement less television channels in Nepal. Non Nepalese TV channels are not allowed to show their advertisements in Nepal. So the basic principle behind this is that foreign advertisements should not be fed to Nepali people via non Nepalese TV channels. If foreign companies wish to show their ads to Nepali people, they have to make it in Nepali setup & are only able to give it to the Nepalese TV channels. Before implementation of clean feed, the foreign channels were showing th