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Federal Nepal: Provinces & Local Levels of Nepal

Federal Nepal: Provinces & Local Levels of Nepal According to article 56 of constitution of Nepal, the main structure of the federal democratic republic of Nepal shall be of three levels namely the federation, the state & local levels. As per the present constitution, Nepal has 7 states/provinces & 753 local levels. The new structure divides Nepal into 77 districts & 6,743 wards. The political division of Nepal can be visualized as below: The local levels include metropolises (6), sub metropolises (11), municipalities (276) & gaupalikas (460). 7 States of Nepal Province No 1 Capital: Biratnagar Chief of State: Somnath Adhikari Pyasi Chief Minister: Sherdhan Rai Districts: 14 Local Levels: 137 Metropolises: 1 Sub Metropolises: 2 Municipalities: 46 Gaupalikas: 88 Province no 1 lies in eastern region of Nepal. Its boundary touches both of the neighbouring countries of Nepal i.e. India & China. Mount Everest, the highest peak of the world is located in this state. A